"Katie's photographs are gorgeous, she is wonderful to work with, and she has a knack for capturing perfect, lovely moments. I am so glad I hired her to photograph my book launch party and will always treasure the pictures she took that day."

-Mary McCoy, author of Dead To Me


"Katie Ferguson's work is resourceful and effective on a commercial level, without being lame. Her images can be emotionally isolating, fun, or flat-out breathtaking. Some may seem jarringly sharp at first, yet their digital charm is irresistible. Her photographic eye and post processing has the clarity of a brain surgeon, but her perspective is all heart. It seems nobody bothered to tell Katie she couldn't show such incredible talent so quickly; as a result, her work exudes a refreshing, nothing-to-lose stridency. I chose to give in to this and stay out of her way. Having gotten over myself enough to allow Katie to capture my project's images and bring my hopes into view, I found this trust well placed. Our collaborative moments were clarifying and enlightening, and I'm a better client as a result."

-John Nelson, author of Where Excuses Go To Die 


"I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Katie Ferguson a few times now, both in a studio setting and on location. Her professionalism and creativity have shone through on every occasion. When we shot some publicity stills in her studio, Katie took the time to become familiar with story we were telling, so she was not only able to shoot the stills that we thought we wanted, but also to suggest alternatives and take us outside to get a few more. As an on-set still photographer she has the magical ability to almost disappear, as she watches and waits for the perfect moments, making photographs that are much more than mere documents of a shoot. I look forward to working with her a great deal more in the future."
                         -Helen Stringer, Author of Spellbinder