Photo by Don Nocon 

My name is Katie Staniford and photography is my therapy. To me, photography is more than just taking pictures: it's a way of telling stories of families, memories, statements, or emotions. 

All throughout grade school, I was rarely without a camera: starting with disposable film camera and eventually making my way up to a simple point-and-shoot digital. At the time, it was never my intention to create art or refine a craft, it was simply to capture moments with friends and family so that they could be looked back upon regularly and vividly. At the time I didn't know it would become such a passion. In fact, at the time, my dream was to continue studying music. 

So for my eighteenth birthday, when I asked for a violin, I wasn't disappointed when my parents bought me my first DSLR instead. The gift seemed to be far more fitting than I had realized at the time. Thus ending my career as a musician and beginning what would become a deep love for photography. 

With the help and support of many friends and family who mentored me greatly and stoically suffered through my constant demand for critiques and criticisms, I've developed a craft that has brought me some amazing and life changing experiences. 

When I'm not taking or editing photos, I can be found working for the Los Angeles Public Library, relaxing at a coffee shop with my nose in a book, or at home frantically editing.